2021 Presentations

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Poster NumberFirst Author NamePoster TitleCategory
1Kathleen WallaceedTPA Perspectives: Connecticut’s Novice Teachers ReflectDoctoral Student
2Andrew DeaconElementary School Leaders’ Perspectives on LGBTQ-Inclusive Literacy InstructionDoctoral Student
3Susrutha Babu SukhavasiRole of CMOS Image Sensors Based Surveillance Systems in Demanding FieldsDoctoral Student
4Mohamed MohamedSafe Shopping CartDoctoral Student
5Suparshya Babu SukhavasiVital Signs and Organs Related Disease Diagnosis Systems Using CMOS Image SensorsDoctoral Student
6Muhammad WasimuddinMulticlass ECG Signal Analysis Using Global Average-Based 2-D Convolutional Neural Network ModelingDoctoral Student
7Thomas ArciuoloImplementation and Performance Evaluation of Overlay End System Multicast (ESM) for Stable and Fast Streaming of Multimedia Applications over Satellite NetworksDoctoral Student
8Peiqiao WuCrossbar Architecture for Molecular ElectronicsDoctoral Student
9Luja ShresthaSystem of Equations for Hierarchical Decision ModelingDoctoral Student
10Abdullah AldweanMaking Primary Healthcare Services Virtual:SWOT Analysis Doctoral Student
11Feyisetan DaniaBlockchain Technology in International Banking: Wire Transfer Doctoral Student
12Mckeon Buffamonte, Chris MattinaChiropractic Management of Atypical Hard Palate Pain: A Case ReportDoctoral Student
13Vivian ChunInconsistencies of Spurling’s Test in Chiropractic Education: A Survey Study DesignDoctoral Student
14William LandesmanFrom microbiomes to road kill: What DNA can tell us about the ecology of ticksFaculty Poster Registration (competitive)
15Miad FaezipourComputer Vision and the Eye: Determining Intraocular Pressure from Frontal Eye ImagesFaculty Poster Registration (competitive)
16Nasir SheikhDetermining Success for African-American Technology Ventures with Agent-Based ModelingFaculty Poster Registration (competitive)
62Liane LeedomTurning a Blind Eye: Personality Researchers’ Denial of Power StrivingFaculty Poster Registration (competitive)
17Mary WarnerStates’ Adoption of Evidence-Based Treatment Status for Opioid Use Disorder Varies by Medicaid ExpansionFaculty Poster Registration (competitive)
18Gew-Rae KimBehavioral Finance & SNS: GameStop caseFaculty Poster Registration (non-competitive)
19Congsheng WuEconomic Growth and Freedom: A Cross-Country AnalysisFaculty Poster Registration (non-competitive)
20Miad FaezipourDetecting Intraocular Pressure Using CNN on Frontal Eye ImagesFaculty Poster Registration (non-competitive)
21Miad FaezipourECG-Based Cardiac Assessment for Microgravity and High-Altitude AtmospheresFaculty Poster Registration (non-competitive)
22Sara PalacioThe interaction of Moringa Oleifera with Chromium and the effect on Chinese Hamster Ovary cell toxicityMasters Student
23James DurrellUrban Native Flora and Noteworthy Bee Species: Bridgeport, CTMasters Student
24Amanda Pooter HennemannUse of migdut dissections and PCR blockers in the study of the eukaryotic microbiome of the black-legged tickMasters Student
25Issa DababnehGalois TheoryMasters Student
26Oyindamola DosunmuPerceived Wage Disparity in the Academic Workforce: A Case studyMasters Student
27Necas CollinsCan a crowdfunding platform help to rejuvenate the jamaican livestock market while increasing the localisation of their food supply chain?Masters Student
28Abdullah BinsadanImpact Of COVID-19 On Business Supply Chain ManagementMasters Student
29Jhonah-George FelipeCovid-19 Rapid Detection Techniques: Review and PerspectiveMasters Student
30Saurabh GaikwadCovid-19 – Conspiracy Belief’sMasters Student
31Mehernaz PatelBlockchain-Enabled Wills and Testaments: Cryptowills Masters Student
32Laarni BecirilImplementing Product Diversification Strategies: A Construction Industry PerspectiveMasters Student
33Taiye IbiloyeIncreased Cases of Lung Injury Associated with the Use of Electronic Cigarettes Containing Nicotine and FlavoringMasters Student
34Srivatsava SanapalaFuture of Trading and Investment Plan: Stocks or Cryptocurrency?Masters Student
35Kathleen MaherEffects of DIO2 Thr92Ala SNP on Thyroid Hormonogenesis: A Narrative Review of the LiteratureMasters Student
36Sobhanababu ChitradaDecision Making Of Buy Or Rent A HouseMasters Student
63Sundeep Kumar SinghHealthy Lifestyle OptionsMasters Student
37Muhammad Shoaib ArshadLessons in Lawfare: Revisiting the South China Sea Ruling 5 years onUndergraduate Student
38Jonah GalanPhenomenological analysis on first-generation college studentsUndergraduate Student
39Gabriel Ferreira AraujoApplications of ECG Signal Analysis for R-R Complex DetectionUndergraduate Student
40Tanyaradzwa MatasvaVICO-Video Conferencing ApplicationUndergraduate Student
41Mohammed AbueissaRaspberry Pi-Text Recognition RobotUndergraduate Student
42Jinsung LimVaccine Cooler For Developing CountriesUndergraduate Student
43 Mohammed AlshatwiPipe Inspection and  Corrosion Prevention RobotUndergraduate Student
44Marc Ventura, Camrin Jones, Chadwick JollySubmarine Arm for ExplorerUndergraduate Student
45Abdullah Alkhaldi2 Axis Solar systemUndergraduate Student
46Phuong Nguyen, Strina RaiGun Aid “The First-Aid Gun”Undergraduate Student
47Gabrielle KistnerAGN Walker Brake SystemUndergraduate Student
64Tamichael RobinsonMarine Debris Affect on Marine Life and Their HabitatUndergraduate Student
49TsutsumiAnthropogenic Radiofrequency-Electromagnetic Field Impacts To Nervous System Stability Through Neuron Spiking Characterization And Identifying High EMF Zones in the EnvironmentHighSchool
50MatregranoDetermining the Efficacy of Zingiber officinale to Promote the Bioremediation of Bioplastics through Amylase HydrolysisHighSchool
51NyiriEvaluating the Intraspecific and Reciprocal Reaction Within Grouped Learn Shark Behavior PatternsHighSchool
52SteerYielding High-Value Secondary Products from Fossil Fuel Waste Utilizing ElectrolysisHighSchool
53DuffyDeveloping an Adhesive Constructed from a Maize-based Matrix Mixed with Chondrus Crispus Carrageenan and Determining its Solubility in SaltwaterHighSchool
54Dos SantosInvestigating the Efficacy of Cannabidiol on the Elongation Time of the Coagulation Cascade to Mitigate Intravascular ClotsHighSchool
55VolcyUtilizing Electromagnetic Pulse Generation to Disrupt the Electron Transport Chain as a Novel Technique to disrupt Harmful Algal Blooms HighSchool
56SilvaDetermining the Proliferation of Cellular Oxidative Stress through Blue Light-Induced ROS FormationHighSchool
57GottliebDevelopment of a Novel Classification Model to Determine Vegetation Habitability of Exoplanet Atmospheres Via Random Forest Machine Learning Algorithms
58VassalloHarnessing Bio-Kinetic Energy Through A Wearable Non-Invasive GeneratorHighSchool
59RosasThe Benefits of Consuming Breakfast for AdolescentsHighSchool
60AktherA Natural Remedy To Decrease AsthmaHighSchool
61KhawajaStopping Air Pollution Through Different Methods of PersuasionHighSchool