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1 1 Eric Lehman Letters as Literature: Reclaiming a Lost Art Form Faculty Competitive
2 2 Randy Laist Time/After-Time: Modes of ’80s Nostalgia Faculty Competitive
3 3 Kathleen Wallace Rooting Teacher Preparation and Assessment in Equity Faculty Competitive
4 4 Michael Lohle Is Technology Scary? Student Perceptions of Analytics Content in Graduate Core Courses Faculty Competitive
5 5 Claude Mayo Edge of Extinction: The COVID-19 Lived Experience of National Pan Hellenic Council Fraternity Presidents Faculty Competitive
6 6 Linda Wagner Disaster Relief Nurses: Exploring the Impetus to Respond to Multiple Efforts Faculty Competitive
7 7 Md Khabir Uddin Cancer Chemopreventive Action by the Monomethylated Metabolite of Oltipraz Faculty Competitive
8 8 Mya Scarlato Remixing the National Anthem: Toward 'Plastic' Concepts of American Identity Faculty Competitive
9 9 Xingguo Xiong Rotaxane for Molecular Electronics Applications Faculty Competitive
10 10 Randy Laist UDL Goes to College: Transforming the University Classroom with Universal Design for Learning Faculty Non Competitive
11 11 Randy Laist Making Feedback Meaningful: UDL-Based Solutions for Responding to Student Writing Faculty Non Competitive
12 12 Anthony Ross Susceptibility of Leishmania promatigotes to Amphotercin B Faculty Non Competitive
13 13 Gew-Rae Kim U.S, Social Security System Safe? Population, Budget, Immigration Faculty Non Competitive
14 14 Shannon Hashemi Quality of the Reported Earnings (RE) by U.S. Firms During The Pandemic of 2020 Faculty Non Competitive
15 15 David Kraft The Energy Spectrum of Primary Cosmic Rays Faculty Non Competitive
16 16 Athur McAdams Measuring Employee Awareness of Vision/Mission, Budget/Profitability, and Values/Culture for Improved Organizational Performance Faculty Non Competitive
17 17 Congsheng Wu ChatGPT Easily Passed My Finance Exam: What Should We Do About It? Faculty Non Competitive
18 18 Congsheng Wu Impacts of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Household Wealth Faculty Non Competitive
19 19 Jessica Andre Lack of Central Serotonin Neurons Produces Lowered Anxiety and Excessive Grooming in Mice Faculty Non Competitive
20 20 Nelson Ngoh STEM on Wheels Bus and Its Invisible Values Faculty Non Competitive
21 21 Peter Cavanaugh Proposed Research in Efficacy and Acceptance of AI in Coaching Faculty Non Competitive
22 22 Seokyoung Kang Homologs of Human Dengue-Resistance Genes, Confer Antiviral Resistance in Mosquitoes Faculty Non Competitive
23 23 Peter Cavanaugh Exploratory Research on Change Readiness to Drive Organizational Excellence Faculty Non Competitive
24 24 Salvatore Diaz Barriers and Motivating Factors for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) to Continue their Nursing Education Faculty Non Competitive
25 25 Kimberly Rose Nannies & Mannies, Professional Caregivers Faculty Non Competitive
26 26 Turgay Karagoz An Examination of the Police-Amazon Ring Partnerships and Their Impact on Burglary Faculty Non Competitive
27 27 Donna Oropall The Benefits of Incorporating Mindfulness into a Human Service Curriculum Faculty Non Competitive
28 28 Natalia Belfiore Belfiore Lab: Molecular Ecology and Conservation Genetics Faculty Non Competitive
29 29 Karrie Morin Goodwin University Community Conversations 2022-2023 Faculty Non Competitive
30 30 Lisa L. Fanelli Age Friendly University Initiative: A Collaborative Journey for 2 Universities Faculty Non Competitive
32 32 Katherine Brittain Novice Teacher Self-Efficacy and Reflections on the Student Teaching Experience Doctoral Competitive
34 34 Shatha Alhazmi Quantum Key Distribution (Man-In-The- Middle Attack) Doctoral Competitive
35 35 David Bray Anatomical Variation of the Abductor Pollicis Longus Doctoral Competitive
36 36 Mohamed Mohamed Self Sanitized Cart for Shopping and Airport Luggage Doctoral Competitive
37 37 Shahistha Habeen Hashim Effectiveness of Using Artificial Intelligence and Social Media to Support Non-Profit Organization for Fundraising Doctoral Competitive
38 38 Alesia Ettson Raising the Voice of School Leaders: How In-Service Training Supports Culturally Relevant School Leadership-LANDSCAPE Doctoral Competitive
39 39 Ismaiel Albukhari Implementation of the DMAIC Technique on Road Safety Doctoral Competitive
40 40 Hepseeba Kode Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Histopathology Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Knowledge-Based Approaches Doctoral Competitive
41 41 Feyisetan Dania Adopting Blockchain Technology in International Wire Transfer through FinTech Doctoral Competitive
42 42 Abdulrahman Ali Kariri Enhancement of CNNHQ with an Activation Function Doctoral Competitive
43 43 Owen Quantick SEL+ Should be the Lead Driver in Schools, Not GPA Doctoral Non Competitive
44 44 Tehmina Khan Transforming Teacher Leadership Capacity In Secondary Schools Doctoral Non Competitive
45 45 Abdullah Aldwean Fairness and Inequality in The Age of AI: A Framework for Healthcare Decision Makers Doctoral Non Competitive
46 46 Jun Zhang Attack on SMB on SMBs Doctoral Non Competitive
47 47 Scott Goodman Robotic Acoustic Musical Instruments that Implement AI to Accompany Live Musicians Masters Competitive
48 48 Anusha Upadhyay Hydrogel Films of Chitosan and Keratin for Enhanced Wound Healing Masters Competitive
49 49 Karne Pranav Kumar Impact of Healthcare Industry on US Economy (Diabetes) Masters Competitive
50 50 Anass Saoudi Applications of Heterogeneous Smart Robots in Modern Industry Masters Competitive
51 51 Shreya Shrestha C for ChatGPT! C for Cheating? Masters Competitive
52 52 Mina Gaber Wahba Ibrahim Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Catenane for Moletronics Applications Masters Competitive
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