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Poster No.First AuthorPoster TitleCategory
1Emmett HughesPilot study assessing the effect of Fascial Manipulation on fascial densifications and associated painFaculty Competitive
2Kenneth LaistTrump ZombiesFaculty Competitive
3Mya Scarlato“This is Going to be a Learning Curve, Especially Because You’re White”: Becoming an Anti-racist Music Teacher in a Majority Indigenous ClassroomFaculty Competitive
4Ahmed El SayedNeural Models for 3D Face Generation and RecognitionFaculty Competitive
5Annie ZhanOptimizing the Design of an Absorption-Capable Hydrocolloid Wound Dressing to Prevent InfectionHigh School
6Aadya Wijesekera Modifying a Mobile Application to Help Oral Immunotherapy Users Track Their Symptoms, Incidence of Allergic Reactions, and ProgressHigh School
7Aaron BabajanyanCreating a More Efficient Fixation Device for Distal Femur Fractures Based on Finite Element Analysis of Different Plate and Screw Scenarios High School
8Audrey CummingsUtilizing Gene Utilizing Gene Set Enrichment Analysis to Identify Genetic Pathways for Cannabis UseHigh School
9Eric NovakDetermining if the Expression of Specific Genomes – Specifically SHH(Sonic Hedgehog) RNA Codes- are Associated with the Regenerative Ability of the Axolotl LimbHigh School
10Francis Cavllaro Developing and Testing a Novel Acne Reducing Spray for Face Masks and AccessoriesHigh School
11Karishma BulsaraAnalyzing the Effect of Sodium Levels on the Onset of Cerebral Vasospasm After Subarachnoid HemorrhageHigh School
12Melinda LuIn Vivo Imaging of Structural Connectivity and Synaptic Density in Alzheimer’s DiseaseHigh School
13Piyush Bahel “is” Developing an Inductive Stent to Accurately Detect the Occurrence of In-Stent RestenosisHigh School
14Shreya Hebbar The Effect of Time of Day, Social Interaction, and Activity on Adolescents’ Emotions within a School Day High School
15Yuqi “Annie” LiuAnalyzing the Effect of Toneless Language Acquisition on Tone Discrimination and Production Observed in Mandarin Chinese Native and English Nonnative SpeakersHigh School
16Matthew LiThe Effect of Playing Position in High School American Football on the Number of Impacts Sustained To the HeadHigh School
17Albert CapodannoUsing Pyrethrum Extract From Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium As a Natural Insecticide High School
18Cooper CarrA Novel Mitigation Technique to Control the Spread of the Invasive Spotted Lanternfly(L.delicatula) Through Cardiac Glycoside ExtractsHigh School
19Grace HiltonThe Use of Secondary Plant Metabolites to Reduce Pseudogymnoascus destructans Transmission Among North American Bats High School
20Jackson WartersOptimizing Desalinization of Industrial Brine Through Temperature Swing Solvent ExtractionHigh School
21Kelsey FarberAbsorbing High Concentrations of Nitrogen Using Biochar as a Preventative Measure to Mitigate the Dinoflagellate Karenia brevis High School
22Kailey SmithUtilizing Micronutrient  Activity to Facilitate Metabolic Reprogramming in Mucopolysaccharidosis Type IIIAHigh School
23Kennedy CarrThe Use of Sodium Bicarbonate as a Local Buffer to Decrease Ocean Acidity in Localized Areas to Increase the Oyster GrowthHigh School
24Sarah DavisQuantifying the Interspecific Impacts of the Asian Shore Crab with the Atlantic Blue Crab and the American Lobster in Long Island SoundHigh School
25Srjeeta Patra Carbon Nanotube and Lung Surfactant Interactions In Light of Evolving Pathogen StrainsHigh School
26Tanvi GorreComputational Study on the Effects of Granzyme A on Follicular Lymphoma Microenvironment During CAR T Cell TherapyHigh School
27Lisa FanelliInstructing Clinical Educators in Universal Design for Learning: A Pilot StudyFaculty Non-Competitive
28Karrie MorinOpen Educational Resources (OER) A Grass-Roots Initiative at Goodwin UniversityFaculty Non-Competitive
29Robin Young-CournoyerNursing Student Hackathon…A must not a maybeFaculty Non-Competitive
30Paul DaneseMachine learning models that can identify misclassified adverse reactions within the FDA’s medical device safety surveillance databaseFaculty Non-Competitive
31Vivienne FridayOpen Educational Resources (OER): Equitable and AffordableFaculty Non-Competitive
32Kimberly ReeseA Gender Comparison Mixed-Methods Study: Creating Veteran-Inclusive CampusesFaculty Non-Competitive
33Matthew FunkDry needling for spine related disorders:  A scoping reviewFaculty Non-Competitive
34Cheryl LyonCharacteristics of chronic musculoskeletal pain sufferers treated in a university-affiliated complementary and integrative health care clinicFaculty Non-Competitive
35Cheryl LyonEffects of omega-3 fatty acid supplementation on whole blood fatty acid levelsFaculty Non-Competitive
36Nereida Quiles-WassermanAccelerated Degree Programs: Facilitate Degree Completion for Non-traditional StudentsFaculty Non-Competitive
37Emilyann RudzinskiChiropractic Management of a Patient With TinnitusDoctoral
38Judy ApicellaResearch of the Obstacles in the Treatment of Chronic Lyme Symptoms and the use of the Herbal Formula Phoenix Rising to Aid in Chronic Fatigue, Pain and Brain Fog in this PopulationGraduate
39Matthew JagdeoAscorbic Acid Determination in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Exposed to Nickel and Chromium Graduate
40Juhi SolankiThe Effect of Light Intensity and Color on Above and Below Ground Development in Arabidopsis thaliana Undergraduate
41Juhi SolankiNovel Therapeutic Inhibitors Having Sugar Moiety Targeting HER2/EGFR as Anticancer Agent Undergraduate
42Hannes Nilsson Evolution of Asteroid Orbits in a Restricted Three-Body Simulation Undergraduate
43Andres Alcivar CarmignianiEffects of Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin and Nanoporous Scaffolds on Cell Proliferation and Cell MigrationGraduate
44Sivakumarreddy BapatuSynthesis of nanoparticles from plantsGraduate
45Subha Parvathi MadamuthuAn integrative review of the challenges in 3D bioprintingGraduate
46Roshan Kumar BhattDetermining the Location and Size of the Brain Tumor with 3D Slicer Graduate
47Tribhuwan TiwariMachine Learning in Neurodegenerative Disorders Graduate
48Nikshiptha Mulagada3D Bioprinting of Hydrogels and Bone like CompositesGraduate
49Eva Chavez ChicoNatural diatoms dopped with AuNPs as drug delivery systems and comparison with diatoms decorated with grapheneGraduate
50Angela Ferraro Developing A Plant Based Sustainable And Renewable Replacement For A Polychloroprene Fabrication High School
51Mohamed MohamedCampus Safety Mobile AppDoctoral
52Susrutha Babu SukhavasiPose Variance, Illuminations and Occlusions involved Driver Emotion Detection SystemDoctoral
53Suparshya Babu SukhavasiHybrid CNN-SVM Classifier Framework for  Driver Emotion Detection SystemDoctoral
54Eugene GeretyDecoding Extreme High-Density 2D Matrix Barcodes: Circumventing Edge AliasingDoctoral
55Ashfaq Anjum ShaikBlockchain Adaptability in Internet of Thing (IoT) EnvironmentsGraduate
56Junyeong ChoiBlockchain-based Remittance ServiceUndergraduate
57Edgar Babajanyan Inventing an Artificially Intelligent Autonomous Drone to Secure School Campuses and Businesses Utilizing Computer Vision Technology to Detect Suspicious and Irregular BehaviourHigh School
58Peter ClaytonA Decentralized Training Model for Machine Learning using BlockchainGraduate
59Khalid AlshuaibiBlockchain and Cryptocurrency Challenges: Toward Environment-Friendly Mining ProcessGraduate
60Srilatha ThumatiScalability ChallengesGraduate
61Karamjeet Singh SardarScalability: One Of The Main Challenges Of a Blockchain Graduate
62Jonah DejarnetteEnergy Consumption and Reduction in CryptocurrencyUndergraduate
63Oled AhmedORE’S LockUndergraduate
64Jangkun SuguriImplementation of Cloud Storage in Blockchain TechnologyUndergraduate
65Gary ReevesPawpharos: Pet Tracking Utilizing Bluetooth Low Energy TagsUndergraduate
66Shoji TorikaiTailgate: Electric Skateboard Brake Light ModuleUndergraduate
67Kyungmin UmSmart BlindUndergraduate
68Mina Gaber Wahba IbrahimDeveloping Strategies to Dispose of the Dependency of Using Fossil Fuels Over Renewable EnergyGraduate
69Roshan Kumar BhattImage Processing Techniques for Detecting Pneumonia Graduate
70Ditoma KanabiaCrash Alert SystemUndergraduate
71Peiqiao WuMolecular Dynamics Simulation of [2]Rotaxane SwitchUndergraduate
72Junyeong ChoiShoppingbot (Ecommerce Robot System)Undergraduate
73Alberto LabradaAnalysis of mitosis occurrence in breast histopathology imagesUndergraduate
74Jacob JohnsonAutonomous Network of RobotsUndergraduate
75Sief Addeen AtariDisability Assistant System Using Brain-Computer Interface and EEG SignalsUndergraduate
76Anthony SharonovDesigning and Optimizing a More Efficient and Inexpensive Optical Component for Thermal CamerasHigh School
77Allison GreenburgThe Development of an Inexpensive, Simple, and Effective Application of Off the Gird Solar Disinfection of Potable WaterHigh School
78Abel GebretinsaeA True Source of EnergyHigh School
79Caleb MccallopThe Nuclear SuperiorityHigh School
80Stephan KaineWhy Do People Think Solar Panels Violate the Environment?High School
81Thomas KaineSolar Power Is a Way of Conserving Energy That Violates the Environment High School
82Nhat PhamMulti-Disciplinary Design of a Modular Controlled Hydroponic SystemUndergraduate
83Elphaz GesesseSmart Doorknob CleanserUndergraduate
84Abdulrahman AlnahedhRenewable Energy Based Solar DesalinatorUndergraduate
85Armand PerezWaste Compression BinUndergraduate
86Derek CerulliWater Injection of a Small EngineUndergraduate
87Juan Palacios SilvaFluid System Design of a Pneumatic SeatUndergraduate
88Elphaz Gesesse/Nhat PhamPortable Car-Washing SystemUndergraduate
89Abdulrahman AlnahedhProcess Flow Diagram of Distillantion Tower Undergraduate
90Abdullah AlkhaldiVibrations of a Single Degree Freedom SystemUndergraduate
91Aidan KingUtilizing Rooftop Gardens as a Means of Geothermal Cooling and Heating for Buildings Through Ground to Air Heat Transfer SystemsHigh School
92Isabella VilarinoWind TurbinesHigh School
93Paul ZintThe Trouble with TurbinesHigh School
94Randy WilliamsBusiness Intelligence Adoption: A Literature Review and Model ExplorationDoctoral
95Eric UwayezuStrategic Analysis of Childhood Education Online Application(ABC)Doctoral
96Oladipupo OgungbileAutonomous Flight SystemDoctoral
97Jun ZhangEnterprise Data Security Strategy against Cryptographic RansomwareDoctoral
98Noha AlharbiResidential Pharmaceutical Deliveries: SWOT and TOWS Analyses of Drone Delivery ServiceDoctoral
99Feyisetan DaniaThe Impact of Blockchain and Algorithm on FinTechDoctoral
100Saddam AlkhamaieshAssessment of Residential Internet Plans: Using a SMART Decision Analysis ApproachDoctoral
101Abdullah AldweanBlockchain Technology in Healthcare : Key Factors determine the Adaptation of Blockchain in Healthcare form Multiple PerspectivesDoctoral
102Said EssabbaniBanking Customer Service SatisfactionGraduate
103Gew-Rae KimForeign Currency Reserve & Function: US, China, & RussiaFaculty Non-Competitive
104Congsheng WuEconomic Impacts of the Covid-19 PandemicFaculty Non-Competitive
105Congsheng WuThe Effect of Economic Freedom on Economic Growth: A ReexaminationFaculty Non-Competitive
106Gopal KarkiImpact of Pandemic on the U.S. EconomyGraduate
107Adejoke IfafesobiThe Impact of Political Influence on Nigerian EconomyGraduate
108Judith MoellerImpact of the edTPA on teacher candidates’ perceptions of preparedness to teachFaculty Non-Competitive
109Claude MayoTrying for the EdMal Trifecta: Theorizing Contract-Based Educational Malpractice within Higher EducationFaculty Non-Competitive
110Patricia Mulcahy-ErntSocial Justice CAS Standards in Learning Assistance Program EvaluationFaculty Non-Competitive
111Sean HeffronExpectations of Parent Involvement for First-Year Students:  Comparing Parent and University Expectations of Communication in a Consumer MarketDoctoral
112Lauren FranceseThe Assessment of Historical Perspective-Taking: A Proposed Study to Develop a Measurement InstrumentDoctoral
113Rebecca CiulloGraduate Student Retention: An Exampination of Factors Affecting Persistence Among Master of Business Administration Students Doctoral
114Nour AwadTeachers Perceptions of the Impact of Rapid Transition to Online Learning as a Result of COVID-19 in Spring of 2020Doctoral
115Abby ManenteFirst-Year Experience (FYE) & Student Success and Engagement Among First-Generation StudentsGraduate
116Luhai TangParticipating in Extracurricular Activities, Motivation, and Creativity in High SchoolHigh School
117Nasser AlkhaldiSmart Car Parking System Undergraduate
118Dr. Jeffrey VanceA Qualitative Study of the Reasons Why
Nontraditional Students Have Chosen to
Attend College at a Later Point in Their Lives
Faculty Non-Competitive
119Aleksia ShenaNovel Therapeutic Inhibitors Having Sugar Moiety Targeting HER2/EGFR as Anticancer AgentUndergraduate
120Anders Hannes NilssonEvolution of Asteroid Orbits in a Restricted Three-Body SimulationUndergraduate